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Mixology Cocktail Infusions

Cherry Vanilla Peach Cobbler Infusion Jar Kit

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Cherry Vanilla Peach Cobbler Infusion! So delicious.

Who doesn't love the taste of a delicious fruit cobbler with melted vanilla ice cream on top?
Can we talk about how great this combo is?
Now you can enjoy it with a little kick! Comes in a 16oz jar with a pour spout.
Each infusion comes with an easy, printed recipe

Infuse in: whiskey, rum or blueberry vodka for 3 days. Shake jar & strain your infusion to a glass of peach iced tea
White wines like a chardonnay also infuse well with the peaches, pears and apples in our infusions!

Ingredients: Freshly dried peaches, cherries, a vanilla infused sugar cube and cinnamon

Each jar will make multiple cocktails.