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Mixology Cocktail Infusions

Orange Clove Hot Toddy Infusion Jar Kit~ seasonal

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Orange Clove Hot Toddy- Seasonal

This is a great slow-sipper for the colder autumn & winter months. A Hot Toddy is also known to relieve the symptoms of cold and flu and sooth a sore throat. They’re perfect for playing cards with the family, or to watch a holiday movie (adults only due to the booze) You could offer a hot toddy bar at your holiday party this year too! Comes in a 16oz jar with a pour spout to infuse in. All ingredients natural.

Infuse in: bourbon dark rum or brandy for 3 days. Shake jar and strain. Each infusion comes with an easy, printed recipe and instructions.

Optional: You can also slightly char a piece of dried orange (grab it before you infuse) To add as a pretty garnish and add a smoky flavor.
Ingredients: lemon, orange, cinnamon, clove and a honey infused sugar cube

Each jar will make multiple cocktails